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Creating the individual service plan your service coordinator is there for you she's there to listen to your goals and help you reach them it's your job to decide or determine which goals are important to you and it is her job to help you reach these goals this process is called self-determination and the result is an individualized service plan self-determination is a combination of attitudes and abilities that lead people to set goals for themselves and take initiative to reach these goals I learned about self-determination through my service coordinator because I was not happy with my traditional services so I wanted something new so she introduced the idea to me the individualized service plan is a written plan or blueprint for a person with developmental disabilities it summarizes the help he or she wants and needs to achieve his or her own goals in life a person-centered approach is used when developing a service plan what this means is that your service coordinator wants to hear from you about your goals and your ideas I didn't like before I was living on my own the boundary is that the traditional service system set up for me like I could only have a support person a certain number of hours a day and it had to be the same hours every day so I wasn't able to flex flex hours which I had to you know do everything within those five hours a day and I found transportation to be a real great boundary for me here is the form that is used when you develop your individualized service plan creating an into service plan involves talking with your service coordinator so that she knows who you are as a person this section of the plan is called your profile next she will discuss your goals and list these as your valued outcomes she will discuss with you how these valued outcomes can be measured so that you know you are making progress with your goals she will also describe safeguards for your health and personal safety your circle of support and resources you have that can help you reach your goals in your community will also be listed for example your family friends neighbors associations community centers spiritual groups school groups etc finally she will list services that can be provided to supplement your natural supports in order to help you reach your goals she will talk with you about how these services help you to meet the valued outcomes that are important to you remember your service coordinator is there to foster self-determination when you develop your individual service plan this process involves self-awareness about your disability in other words talking about your strengths and weaknesses choosing goals expressing goals and last but not least taking action what my life is like now is I live independently in the community I have support staff that are great that support me and everything I want to do I'm able to go in the community when I want to I'm able to work in the community and be an active member of my community um I remember to...